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Operating Room & Radiology Procedure Comparative Analysis


  • Regardless of the country, healthcare is in trouble. In countries with strong social service networks, the rising cost of healthcare has put extreme pressure on both the national and regional governments that provide the funding.
  • In the United States, healthcare is facing a plethora of costly issues.
  • Even China, who are well behind US in terms of identifying long‐term health issues, is beginning to recognize that their healthcare system is not sustainable. China wrestles with a cause and effect crises in many areas.
  • Supply Chain Optimization often begins as a SKU rationalization to achieve a volume price savings through standardization of products. An Operating Room benchmarking analysis of supply consumption by surgeon, by procedure, across hospital sites has identified significant value that equates into annual operating budget savings.


Associative technology based 'Operating Room & Radiology Procedure Comparative Analysis' service help Healthcare facilities identify inefficiencies in their operating procedures.


  • Reduce Operating costs by 15-25%
  • Supply Chain and SKU Rationalization
  • Capture consumables expense per procedure
  • Capture Procedure times to improve Operating Room scheduling and utilization
  • Measure surgical outcomes, infection rates, re-admissions
  • Reduce Shrinkage and Waste
  • Identify Inefficiencies
  • Correlate Billing & Insurance
  • Improve patient care and wait times
  • Maximize radiology revenues
  • Facilities, Merger & Acquisitions Audits
  • Due Diligence report when buying a hospital/ASC
  • Comparative Analysis as an “Expense Valuation Report”
  • Identify surgeons over or under utilizing resources


  • A recent case study has just completed it’s pilot stage and is moving into Phase ll.
  • Phase l looked at seven super hospitals and conducted an Operating Room and Radiology Procedure/Preference Card Supply Cost Analysis.
  • In Knee Arthroscopy procedure in just three hospitals, we found potential savings in excess of $400,000.00 that one single procedure. We provided impressive results when you consider the number of procedures conducted in any super hospital.
  • With little low-hanging fruit in terms of savings in healthcare, we are finding millions of dollars in savings without affecting patient care and staffing.
  • Just three hospitals found potential savings of over $1,000,000.00 in Orthopedics with Knee Arthroscopy and Knee Arthroplasty representing $600,000.00 of the total. 


Healthcare Service Overview

The Atomic Healthcare Service is powered by Atomic Information Management Service (click here to learn more).

Data from various Healthcare systems are extracted, loaded, cleansed and consolidated into the Atomic Medical Data Warehouse (AMDW), which drives the Business Intelligence and Comparative Analytics.

AtomicDB Medical Data Warehouse (AMDW) Portal Overview

The figure above shows the high-level overview of the AMDW service.

AtomicDB Medical Data Warehouse Portal Dashboard

Screen shot above shows the AMDW Dashboard that provides the Healthcare management a complete overview of the overheads and potential cost savings, with the ability to drill-down to a procedure, surgeon or operating resources.

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