Smart Cities

City data infrastructure powered by AtomicDB

Smart Cities - Experience the Future

Putting it all together for IoT, Communication for -
Water, Power, Security, Wi-Fi and Emergency services.

Smart Cities Industry Background

New multi-faceted technologies designed to bundle a variety of solutions seem to be arriving faster all the time. Among them is the latest AtomicDB offering - A data correlation, aggregation, and communications platform designed for multiple uses by smart cities - electricity, water, utilities providers, security and city-wide emergency services.

It may soon be an option for your city and the utilities/services that are available to it.

Investing in Tomorrow's cities

This New Paradigm is fueling economic revitalization in cities from San Francisco to Manhattan to Berlin. It's placing cities at the center of a virtuous cycle that drives development and innovation to trigger Environmental benefits, economics efficiencies as well as wealth creation and higher productivity. And it’s going to require an estimated $50 trillion in backing over the next 15 years alone to succeed.

Digital Integration of all types of services is a key to the future wellbeing and quality of life in these urban areas the concept of running the city as one big environment is essentially the ‘holy grail’ of the computerization. The ability to offer, provide, maintain, and integrated services such as Lighting, WIFI, Security cameras, notification systems, EMS, Police, Emergency services all from one correlation point will pay for itself several times over.  

Live, Work, Play

In the already-developed cities of the world, some of the most useful investments are in central business districts where developers are converting old properties, such as offices, warehouses and parking lots, into new residential communities where young professionals may forgo their cars and pay for the privilege of having good food, entertainment and retail close to home. This “live, work, play” paradigm has fueled economic revitalization in cities such as Austin, Texas, and downtown Los Angeles.

According to the World Bank, an estimated 35 million housing units still need to be built in major emerging markets – roughly a $700 billion opportunity that developers haven't yet fully seized. 

Opportunity powered by AtomicDB

With the capabilities of the next generation AtomicDB, it would be the only database base that is capable of storing, aggregating and correlating all the data generated by IoT devices and social media, thanks to the powerful single instance storage and 4 seek data access irrespective of the data volume. Yes, even filtering information from peta-bytes of data would be as fast as filtering data from few bytes of data.


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